At the time of the peace agreement, the United States agreed to replace the equipment in succession. But the United States has not given its word. Is the word of an American reliable these days? The United States has not kept its promise to help us fight for freedom, and in the same struggle the United States has lost 50,000 of its young men. [20] Negotiations did not take place. In October 1972, Henry Kissinger had drawn up a peace agreement with the North Vietnamese. However, Nguyen Van Thieu, the president of South Vietnam, refused to sign and the North Vietnamese withdrew from the talks. The party was premature. Thieu, who had not been consulted during the secret negotiations, called for changes that had angered Hanoi and the talks were interrupted on 13 December. Nixon, wedged between a tenacious ally and a bitter enemy, intervened. He promised Thieu $1 billion in military equipment that would give South Vietnam to the world`s fourth-largest air force and assured Thieu that the United States would resume the war if North Vietnam did not stick to peace. These are promises that Thieu had no reason to doubt; Nixon had just won an anti-overwhelming election and the Watergate affair was almost invisible in the political landscape.

A similar debate focused on the shape of the table to be used at the conference. The North supported a roundtable where all parties, including NLF representatives, appear to be “equal” in importance. The South Vietnamese argued that only a rectangular table was acceptable, as only a rectangle could show two different sides of the conflict. Finally, a compromise was reached, where representatives of the governments of the North and the South would sit around a round table, with members representing all the other parties around them at square tables. Kissinger and Nixon acted like good and bad cops throughout the negotiations. Kissinger offered peace conditions to the North Vietnamese, while Nixon threatened to launch massive aerial bombardments if they refused. Nixon carried out huge bombing raids on northern Vietnam until the North Vietnamese signed to Paris. It`s a bit like hitting someone when they tell them you want to be friends! The provisions of the agreement were immediately and often violated by North and South Vietnamese forces without an official response from the United States. The North Vietnamese have accused the United States of carrying out bombings in northern Vietnam during this period. In March 1973, open fighting broke out and North Vietnamese crimes extended their control until the end of the year.

Two years later, a massive North Vietnamese offensive seized South Vietnam on April 30, 1975, after which the two countries separated since 1954 met on July 2, 1976 as Vietnam. [3] Nixon had secretly promised that he would use air power to support the South Vietnamese government if necessary.