The shareholder, together with a signed copy of this agreement, must confirm in full to the company all share certificates representing the issued shares or deliver them to the company at the same time as an irrevocable power of action that transfers the shares transferred to the company. Most of the time, when buying or selling shares, a retail investor uses a brokerage firm that takes care of all the legal documents necessary to transfer shares to the new owner. Thus, in the vast majority of cases, the holder of the shares of a share does not take possession of the share certificates and does not have to fill out legal documents to buy and sell shares. Equity powers may be used in secured credit transactions in which securities are used as collateral for a loan. When this happens, the power of action is signed by the borrower and delivered to the lender, but is neither dated nor concluded. In this case, a power of action protects the interests of the lender and allows him to close the shares if the loan is not repaid. Each share power (i) has guaranteed all signatures or (ii) if all signatures are not guaranteed, these shares are transferred by the cooperative`s share transfer agent, if the seller undertakes to convert ownership of the guarantees to guarantee the corresponding cooperative loan.;( XXXIX) HOEPA. A stock usually requires a signature guarantee to protect against fraudulent transfers. A stock-power form is sometimes called a security power form. As already said, it is usually only necessary for the transfer of physically held shares, but it may also be necessary to change the name on the account or add a transfer of the beneficiary of the death. If the owner of a share is unable to complete a required stock form, that person`s legal representative must sign the form. This may include the power of attorney or guardian of any person who is unable to work or is a minor. Inventory powers are required for each account and title assigned.

All owners must sign the form and, as a rule, have their signatures guaranteed with a medallion signature guarantee. In some cases, if a basic benefit is too old, it may be refused. Power of action is a legal power of attorney form that transfers ownership of certain shares in a share to a new owner. As a general rule, a share transfer form is only necessary if an owner chooses to physically take possession of securities certificates instead of holding securities with a broker. A stock exchange form contains the name of the previous owner, a description of the shares to be transferred, the share certificates and the cost base of the shares. The shares are held in an electronic record with the broker`s deposit bank, which removes the physical holding of the shares. However, before technology allowed for the full electronic registration of registrations, physical share certificates were the norm and it was ubiquitous to use share powers when ownership of shares was transferred from one party to another. . The Participant expressly acknowledges and agrees that such certificates and/or accounting records relating to the Participant`s restricted shares may be transferred or cancelled in accordance with this Agreement and the Plan, without any power of action having to be executed and provided by the Participant, or any other action being required on the part of the Participant, and the participant authorizes the enterprise: any such action, without the power of such actions….