6. The Commission and the EIB shall define, in the guarantee agreement referred to in Article 14, a clear and transparent allocation policy enabling the EIB, in the context of its external activities, to identify the operations to be financed under this Decision in order to ensure the most efficient use of the EU guarantee. The allocation policy shall be based on the creditworthiness of EIB operations assessed by the EIB, the ceilings set out in Annex I, the type of counterparty, whether a sovereign State or an institution covered by paragraph 1 of this Article or a private body, the risk-absorbing capacity of the EIB and other relevant criteria; including the added value of the EU guarantee. The European Parliament and the Council shall be informed of the allocation policy in accordance with Article 14. The EIB should take appropriate measures to ensure that the financial interests of the Union are protected by the application of preventive measures against fraud, corruption, money laundering and other illegal activities, and that OLAF is authorised to carry out on-the-spot checks and inspections at the beneficiaries` premises. In accordance with its policy on the prevention and deterrence of the activities of the European Investment Bank (`the EIB`s anti-fraud policy`), adopted in 2008 and revised in 2013, the EIB should cooperate closely with the competent authorities of the Union and the Member States in order to strengthen anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism measures and to contribute to their implementation. In line with its whistleblowing policy, the EIB should also pay particular attention to information provided by reporting persons on potential cases of fraud, corruption or other illegal activities, in order to allow for appropriate monitoring, feedback and protection against retaliation. 1. The maximum ceiling for EIB financing operations under the EU guarantee for the period 2014-2020 shall not exceed EUR 30 000 000 000. Amounts initially earmarked for financing operations, but which were subsequently cancelled, shall not be charged against the ceiling. 1. The Union shall grant the European Investment Bank (EIB) a budgetary guarantee for operations outside the Union (`the EU guarantee`).

The EU guarantee shall be granted as a global guarantee for payments which are due to the EIB but which are not granted by the EIB in the context of loans, loan guarantees and debt market instruments, or which are spent on EIB investment projects eligible under paragraph 2. Eib action under this Decision should support the implementation of the European Consensus on Development Policy, the Agenda for Change and the principles of effective development cooperation set out in the 2005 Paris Declaration, the 2008 Accra Agenda for Action and the 2011 Busan Partnership Agreement.