If you were good enough to go through your anmeldung and open a bank account before, you are then able to sign for a contract at one of the following German mobile phone contract providers. I have selected what I think is the fairest plan but feel to explore. We have been made aware that some people were charged more than they should have been with their contract and they did not understand why. As mentioned before, we are only comparing the best mobile phone providers in Germany, which is why this list is not complete, but it will be frequently updated. The parental control settings in the latest version of the operating system, iOS 12, are easy to navigate and can restrict many of the features to age-specific barriers. In addition a new Screen Time section in the settings provides detail breakdown of every aspect of the phone’s use. You can set bedtimes and limit access to certain applications. Der große Vorteil einer All-Net-Flat liegt darin, dass Sie mobiles Internet, SMS-Dienst und Telefonie zu einem monatlichen Festpreis bekommen. Dafür können Sie die einzelnen Dienstleistungen mit voller Kostenkontrolle in Anspruch nehmen – ohne Aufpreis und versteckte Zusatzkosten. Telefonieren Sie für 0 ct/min in alle deutschen Handynetze, oder surfen Sie auf dem Weg zur Arbeit mit Ihrem Handy im Internet – mit der Gewissheit, dass Sie am Ende des jeweiligen Monats lediglich den Ihnen bekannten Festpreis bezahlen.

Alle Smartphone-Tarife sind außerdem mit einer SMS Flat ausgestattet, mit der Sie sorglos Kurznachrichten in alle deutschen Handynetze verschicken können. o2 recently merged with E-Plus, becoming the biggest mobile phone provider in Germany. If you only need data on the go for your tablet, you should check out the following plans. They only include internet access, phone calls or text messages are not possible. You can use them with your tablet or with an internet surf-stick. Congstar Homespot is a special offer, which only works at a certain address of your choice (e.g. your home address). Best of all with any Samsung Galaxy phone is the Kids Mode app. Once you download and set this up it offers a super simple way for your child to use the phone safely. This can be a good way to get a child used to a phone at a younger age and then graduate to fuller use as they get older.

If you want to check out some of the other major phone providers in Germany, have a look at Vodafone, Congstar, and Yourfone. To see whether or not Telekom is the best mobile phone provider in Munich for you, let’s have a closer look on the available contracts and options. If you use a lot of mobile data then 1&1 is probably your best choice in Berlin right now. Another goal is to help kids speak up if they see or receive anything on their phone that makes them feel uncomfortable. These contracts include steps that kids promise to take. They also include steps that parents or caregivers promise to take. Prepaid Cards are your best choice if you do not want to sign up for the 24 month contracts that German phone companies usually offer. Talking about this with your child is an essential way to understand both the benefits and dangers. It also gives you a chance to agree with them on how they will use the phone responsibly, both in terms of online interactions and appropriate content.